As BIG believers in Education equality, accessibility, diversity and inclusion; we celebrate and appreciate the uniqueness of each school irrespective of location, school size, tuition fee range, and core values. IBSS believes that there is a family for every type of school and because of this we make consistent efforts to understand your history and mission related goals; together we work with you towards achieving them.

IBSS believes that a school’s firm foundation begins with the admissions office. The term “We want students” isn’t enough. We are keen on continuous research, consultancy, application of theory, policy development and partnerships to establish and streamline the enrollment process at a school. One that minimizes risks and costs but increases the diverse pool of numbers on campus.

We employ a 5-phase process to provide a 360 service for an admissions office

Step 1 – History Phase – This phase follows a detailed conversation to understand current challenges and projected goals for the academic year. This is followed by accessing and evaluating all data and reports on admissions processes, student conversions and retentions, marketing and branding strategies, stakeholder relationships, previous/currently employed officer roles, performing demographics, community involvement, implemented budget activities and data management tools.

Step 2 –  Mission & Presentation Phase – This phase entails aligning your mission related goals with re-structuring or overhauling set processes and budget definitions. We will present an Activation Plan that details marketing and communication strategies, stakeholder relationship building, education community partnership development, defining all admission set processes.

Step 3 – Campus Phase – After both parties agree to a common goal, this phase entails training of officers, communicating strategies and activation plans for the academic year.

Step 4 – Activation Phase – All plans set in motion

Step 5 – Evaluation Phase –  This phase entails evaluating the outputs of all activations. As and where necessary; we modify methods.

Establishing an agent network is one thing; managing a WORKING agent network is another thing. With the change in market trends and growing competition, schools need to continually adjust their efforts and strategies towards maintaining and managing their agent network. 

With 15,000 carefully screened agent contacts, IBSS will

  1. Develop an agent blueprint specific to your school
  2. Select and refer the best agent contacts from our list per region
  3. Develop your agent contracts
  4. Define your agent onboarding process
  5. Structure your agent ambassador and loyalty program
  6. Train officers 

Institutional Partnerships play a vital role in diversifying student numbers. IBSS will help determine stakeholder and key relationships relevant to your school. These will include;

  • High School Counselor Relationships
  • High School Partnerships
  • Networking events
  • Summer camps
  • Joint Social Projects

Establish regional alumni associations and engagement